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  • Welcome to genuine meets free swingers couples profile area.  Entering as a couple doesn't cost you a penny to join it is 100%  FREE!! But be warned if you are a single guy trying to enter here you will be banned from the site. Couples can not search until confirmed.
    Genuine people are in this site awaiting for people like you to join, meet and have fun with as they visit different areas and want to meet new people.  When you have filled out your profile honestly we advise you put an up to date (preferably)face pic of you (both) on so our members can see you clearly and they may wish to contact you and start communication with a view to meeting you and members to approve your profile.  We will not allow approval of blank profiles, so for you to be able to search you must have a complete profile including pictures but you can save your face pics for private, friends only.
    If you are genuine you will know why we have developed this site for real genuine people. Remember anyone upsets you or appears fake/spam you can give them a strike! 
    Have fun!

    Genuine meets is for adults only. You must accept the Terms and Conditions to confirm that you are over 18 years of age before you can enter this site. Misbehaviour, hassle, abuse, false profiles and failing to turn up when arrangements are made etc could all result in you being removed by members - so please abide by our rules to make this site what it is intended for, Genuine Meets. By ticking the box you accept that this is an adult content site and may contain images of a sexual nature and that you are over the age of consent in the country from which you are in and agree to allow genuine meets to send you email updates and news letters promoting the site and updates. Members must NOT have full sex/frontal or genital pics on their profile or they will be removed and could result in membership being terminated.

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